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An Australian Broadband Internet website that tells you exactly what broadband internet means.
- updated AUG 2006

We have set up this Broadband Internet Australia site to help guide people through exactly WHAT broadband internet access is and how it affects the average Australian.

The aim of this site, is to help ordinary people like you and I understand
a)What broadband internet access means to you,
b)Who the main Australian broadband internet service providers are
c)How Australian Broadband Internet works
d)Exactly WHAT Broadband Internet is
Put simply – it is a dummies guide, written by dummies about Broadband Internet.


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So:  What IS Broadband Internet?
A dictionary definition for broadband internet is:
“Capable of handling frequencies greater than those required for high-grade voice communications”     
    -  Which means nothing to the average Aussie!
That's the problem that we face here. We want to simply explain to you EXACTLY what broadband internet means in Australia  - so you can then feel prepared to go and choose which broadband internet plan in Australia is best for you.  

To explain Australian Broadband Internet in simple terms   - we need to break down the difference between a normal standard Dial Up internet connection and that of a Broadband Internet Connection::

FIRST:  The process you go through with a dial up connection:
Imagine you get home from work and you want to use your dial up internet connection to check your email, pay some bills and look up the footy results.
a)You will first plug in the wire to your phone socket, if it is not already done so
b)You will holler to your family or flatmates that you are using the internet and tell them not to pick up the phone.
c)You will dial up to your internet
service provider

Internet Providers

(which most likely will cost you a local call)
d)You will wait 5 or 10 seconds for your homepage to load up.
e)You will methodically go through in your head all the things you need to do, like a checklist, before you have to disconnect the internet.
f)Each task will take some time.
g)You shout out to the others in the house ‘does anyone want to use the internet before I disconnect’
i)You disconnect your dial-up internet connection.
The total process of Dial Up has been a thought out strategy to help you get the most out of when you dial up to the world wide web. It is a long, drawn out process which takes time, effort and costs you a local call to make a connection every time - and while you are using it - your landline cannot be used.
SECOND: The process you go through with a BroadBand Internet connection:
Imagine you get home from work and you want to use your Broadband Internet connection to check your email, pay some bills and look up the footy results.
a)The connection is ALWAYS ON – like your water supply, or electricity supply.
b)Your emails are all downloaded and waiting for you – they arrive as soon as sent
c)You open a page in  a web browser, which has ‘almost instant’ appearance.
d)You have 5 mins before your TV show starts – so you click on a link to watch your team scoring a goal. It plays almost instantly, streaming on your computer screen. – You send the link to your mates.
e)You leave your computer desk and watch the TV.
f)You hear the reply to an email you were waiting for with links to download some music. The music files are 5 MB each.
g)You start downloading them, knowing it will only take only 1 minute each one.
h)While they are downloading – you are bored of TV, so you pick up your landline phone and call you mate to discuss the footy video you sent a link to him about – all whilst the internet is still downloading.
So - Broadband Internet is simply your normal dial up connection – on a very large dose of caffeine and always on.      It is a very high speed internet connection, which you never have to dial up with or disconnect when you are finished.    Always on, always fast, always available - just like your water supply, gas or electricity.   Broadband Internet is a ready, waiting, communication service that sits in your home awaiting you to jump on and use it for any length of time – at any time.  AND - Your phone works at the same time.   (imagine if everytime you got up to make a cup of tea - you had to connect the water mains, turn on the tap, pour out the water that you need to use for the next hour and then disconnect again - it would drive you mad!.  Broadband takes away that frustration that you find with Dial Up)

What broadband internet does – is two key things. 

1)It turns the internet connection into an ‘always on’ service
2)It makes what you DO on the internet a LOT faster.   Depending on what broadband internet service you choose – it can be between 4.5 through to over 200 times faster than the standard dial up internet connection.    
The decision to move from an internet connection over a standard dial up connection to a broadband connection has been likened to moving from a small twisty country road to a motorway in the NT with 8 lanes, new tarmac and where you can go as fast as your car will allow.
Below is a picture that visually demonstrates the difference in data size over a 2 minute period.    Whilst the SIZE of your actual phone-cord does not change, it’s ability to give you more data does.  
The picture demonstrates roughly the difference in what you can expect.  It is a ‘visual’ representation to demonstrate the difference in a dial up internet connection receiving a 1mb email and a broadband internet connection receiving a 1mb email.

Use our Broadband Download Speed calculator. to show how fast files download at different broadband speeds

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